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consequences of my actions. it's a stunning fall from grace from a one-time rising star of the democratic party. the former illinois congressman jesse jackson jr. enterring the u.s. district courthouse with his wife to plowed guilty to federal charges. >> anything can you share today? >> reporter: this was one of the first public sightings of jackson since he disappeared from and resigned from congress last year, citing the treatment of bipolar disorder and he later admitted in court to using $750,000 in campaign funds on personal expenses. court papers say that includes a rolex watch, hdtv, travel, meals, and memorabilia from shen rities like michael jackson -- celebrities like michael jackson. the lawyer claims bipolar disorder played a key role in jackson's crimes. >> he has serious health issues
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and we're going to talk with them extensively with the court and they're related to his present predicament and that is not an excuse but a fact. >> reporter: in court, jesse jackson jr. said i did those things. as the judge read the charges. when asked if he was taking medication for his bipolar disorder that affected his judgement, jackson said, no, i have never been more clearer in my life. later, he was waiving a right to a trial. he had no desire to waist taxpayer's -- waste taxpayer's time or money. and jackson's father sat quietly ojotting down notes. later, his lawyer said he's hopeful that the judge will consider the former congressman's progress and treating his bipolar disorder. >> jesse's turned the corner there as well, and i think there is room for optimism, too.
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he has gotten great treatment and great doctors and has gotten his arms around his problem. time will tell but we are optimistic. >> reporter: later in a separate hearing, jesse jackson jr. 's wife sandra left as she appeared for her own plea hearing before the same judge. in court, she pleaded guilty to federal charges show filed false income tax returns and lined about the couple's income. the attorney said that sandra jackson's plea is to take responsibility for her actions. >> she had to make a hard stition on whether to made guilty or to fight the charges. show saw this as an opportunity to put this behind her, to admit that she made some mistakes and judgement regarding the expenditure of campaign: zeros. >> reporter: sentenceing is set for monday, july 1st. her husband, former congressman jesse jackson jr., will be sentenced the friday before on june 28th, both here in
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washington. it's important to remember that this the weekend hand down a sentence more or less than the two parties agree to and both jackson and his wife were ordered to surrender their passports and they'll be able to travel between the two homes in chicago and washington, d.c. while the defense attorneys were talking here, the u.s. attorneys have had their say as well tonight. fox 5s bob barnard has that part of the story. bob. >> reporter: well, tom, we heard from the u.s. attorney from the district of columbia. he wouldn't tell us how investigators from his office, the fbi, and the irs, learned the serve-yearlong scheme but he called it one of the most egregious acts of political corruption they have investigated. within the hour, they laid out their case and showed us some of the items that they say the
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jacksons diverted campaign funds, the rolex watch, mounted elk heads, a guitar once owned by michael jackson and eddie van halen, and they said that they appreciate the jacksons admitted what they had done and that it was a scheme they tried to hide for years. in all, jesse jackson jr. and his wife converted $750,000 for personal gain. the nature of the spending makes clear that this is not a momentary lapse of jump, not a short streak of impulsive behavior. over seven years, the jacksons engaged in more than 3100 transactions for their personal gain. it's clear jessie jackson became convinced that his campaign account could be used to satisfy and personal whim he had. >> reporter: besides mr. jackson facing up to five years in prison, his wife is facing
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up to three years and they will have to forfeit all of this stuff that they bought fraudulently. the u.s. marshal service will start auctioning this stuff off soon. >> and bob barnard tonight. a news alert where five men are facing charges of first- degree murder in the death of a 15-year-old suitland high school student. charles walker jr. gunned down monday night. the five men confessed to taking part in the crime. paul wagner is live at police headquarters with the story. paul? >> reporter: brian, last night on the broadcast, we reported that prince georges county police said they were going to make arrests within hours, and they did do that. arresting the five men, the last of which was taken into custody in the district awhile ago. we want to show you the pictures of the five men. they range in age from 23 to 18 years old and have been identified as glen leach of
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southeast d.c., derek green of alexandrea, and williams of and two of the five, kevin smith and germani whit more, live in the 2100 block of saint clare drive, a few blocks from where charles walker jr. was gunned down. and police say they were in the white van and pulled up on him as they were walking along 28th avenue with a box of timberland boots and a bag. the police say as the robber was announced, walker turned to run and was shot in the back. the shoes were never touched. in fact, the men stayed in a van and fled the scene. >> most of these detectives have been up the last 48 hours and, to be honest with you, most of the department is up for 48 hours. it's a trying time for all of us. they have been relentless.
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criminals need to know as they come to this county and commit senseless acts of violence, we'll find them and we will bring them to justice. >> reporter: the chief thanked the community saying that numerous crime solver tips helped them close this case. we expect some of the men to appear in court. brian, perhaps, as soon as tomorrow for a bond review and we'll follow the case. a class action lawsuit following last week's catastrophe at sea. a couple from oklahoma filed the lawsuit in florida today on behalf of other triumph cruise ship passengers and alleges that carnivale knew or should have known the vessel may have experienced mechanical issues because of previous problems on the ship. american lawmakers met with cuba's president to talk about the release of a vermont man. they talked separately with the
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cuban president, raul castro and met with allen gross yesterday. he has been jailed in cuba since '09, accused of spying and is there for 15 years. straight talks from the president, looking for advisor gun safety and why prepaid cell phones are gaining popularity, gain. >> and you knew that. -- gary. >> you knew that. looks like it's going to stay cold tomorrow, too. >> and a new report is backing up geo gonzalez's claim that he didn't did not take performance- enhancing drugs. he spoke out and wants to move forward. what he had to say ahead. 
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the department of defense investigating the former u.s. navy seal who shot and killed osama bin laden. the former seal spoke to esquire magazine this month. the military wants to know if he leaked clived information. -- classified information. the u.s. raided osama bin laden's compound. he said despite killing the
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world's most. ed terrorist, he was not given a pension, healthcare or protection for his family after returning home. vice president joe biden has point-blank advice for parents. >> you don't need 30 rounds to protect yourself. buy a shotgun. buy a shotgun. >> he recommended parents buy a shotgun for people who want to protect themselves. the vice president suggested that parents keep weapons unloaded and on the top shelf where children can't get them and made the point to set up a facebook town hall yesterday hosted by parent's magazine. a deal is reached in virginia. they reached a compromise on the state's gas tax and a 1% fuel tax. the deal could get full house and senate votes by the end of the week. more people are flocking to propaid phones. the consulting firm found one in three are opting to pay as they go because of the high cost of traditional service plan n.2012, the total number shot past 1 million make that 100 million compared to 12%
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from the year before. straight ahead on the news edge, protestors in wheelchairs stopped traffic. why they took over parts of downtown this afternoon. . and class is at it again. the kindergarteners of burning tree elementary in bethesda doing the harlem shake and having a good time. ood time. 
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. new at 6, demonstrators shut down the intersection of 19th and l streets use of the
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dead headquarters. we're targeting -- saying it will hurt the poor. 100 senior citizens and residents participated and they used bolona to support their message. >> i'm 65 years old, i have been working 35 years and they're talking about cutting social security, medicaid, food stamps. i depend on all of the above. and those rich ceos and rich people, if they want to cut them, cut their own. >> congress has until march 1st to figure out how to avoid the sequestration deadline. the fancy word for a painful outcome, of course. hundreds of thousands of government workers could be forced to take unpaid days off starting next week. the move jeopardizes jobs from military to medical research. fox 5 consumer reporter talks about the local impact. >> reporter: the pentagon laying it out in stark terms. 800,000 civilian workers will
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face 1 day-a-week furloughs starting next week and the following 22 weeks. >> those affects would be felt in this area disproportionately because we have so many military bases and contractors. >> reporter: the professor, executive and resident at american university expects that if furloughs do happen, government contractors will continue to pay their mortgage, their car payments and other essential bills. as they learn to lyolyses, there will be a trickle-down -- learn to live on less, there will be a trickledown effect. >> it happens more and more. >> we don't know. >> we don't know. the uncertainty is making everyone nervous. >> air traffic controllers and airport security will see cutbacks, which means more delays at airports across the country. thousands of teachers and educators will be laid off. >> reporter: the cuts will hit maryland hard. a direct hit on the state's vibrant biotech industry.
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maryland senator barbara mikulski toured an nih lab wednesday learning what the $1.5 billion in cuts just for nih would really mean. >> well, first, it would be an impact on 15,000 marylanders who work either at nih or benefit from the research funding at other maryland institutions. >> reporter: while the potential impact is massive, this is politics as usual and do not expect it to change. >> coming down the road again. this is too good of an opportunity to wait to bash the other party. >> reporter: both the house and senate are in recess this week w. nine days to go before $85 billion in automatic federal spending cuts begins, there is a call to reconvene the house immediately and find a way to avoid those cuts. in the newsroom, laura evans, fox 5 news. we knew it was going to be cold. >> and wasn't it? >> yeah. >> i was surprised when i
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looked at the winds gusting. they were at 30, which is substantial and i thought more than that. it was blowing out there. today and some snow from time to time. and temperature the are dropping out. there the wind is stillboroing -- blowing and it's staying chilly this evening with the wind blowing. windchill values are into the teens for everybody. let's get into it, shall we? the numbers today, high temperatures -- well, it never felt like this. forty degrees at reagan national; dulles, 39 and bwi marshal, 38 degrees and when that wind is blowing, it's different. 38 is the temperature, frederick, 30; gaithersburg is 30. when you factor in the wind, feels like 37; frederick, 17; monasses, 27 and the wind is not bad to the south and they
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still feel like they in the upper 30s and temperatures will be dropping at least down around freezeing and if not below lie late this evening and that windchill value in the types. if they stay up 10, 20 miles an hour, there might be a few single digits in places out there later on this evening. a pretty big substantial system getting going out in the central plains here. the moisture is coming up from the gulf of mexico the cold air is coming down and colliding with this and with that cold air reaching the moisture, that is switching over to snow and blizzard conditions will be happening in the plains and that is looking like it's getting going. the showers and thunderstorms coming up ahead of the storm tomorrow afternoon and most of nebraska and kansas will be full of snow and that is going to ploy all over the place and this is in our direction. a bit and most to storm spits the north and south of us.
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we're going to have cold air in place friday morning. the temperatures here at the surface will be down and around freezeing if not below and we'll watch the precip come on top and that can cause problems with us. the way it's looking now, the morning commute on friday should be dry. the evening commute looks like we'll have a winter mix in here. some snow and some sleet, maybe a little bit of freezeing rain, too. into saturday, the warm air comes up and this is becoming cold rain for us. 43 on saturday. may end as a little bit of late snow. sunday, the sun comes back out. the temperatures in the upper 40s. tonight, we stay breezy and that is colder into the suburbs and still breezy tomorrow. the temperature up to 41 degrees or so and the accuweather seven-day forecast, shapes look like this. again, cold and breezy tomorrow and feeling like it's in the 30s all day long and with that wintery mix on friday and rain
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on saturday. we dry out to the latter part of the weekend. and from prince william county, sky fox is over route 29, lee highway. investigating a crash of a trailer and train and this is -- it was stopped on the tracks and was hit by a train. so far, no injuries reported. route 29 is expected to be closed in both directions for the next several hours and that is, of course, rush hour and a lot of people use the road, heavily travelled. if you expect a loved one, give them a call. drivers urged to find an alternate route if you can. no local hoops team hotter than georgetown. the hoyas seek an 8th great w tonight. ♪
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along, despite the connection to a south florida clinic, suspected of distributing performance-enhancing drugs. a new espn report out backs up his claim. the report said that 25 players receive ped's from the clinic, biogenis; however, gonzalez was not one of them but he was on the books as a customer of the clinic receiving $1,000 worth of merchandise and none was banned substances and that is claimed to have been a weight loss supplement for his father. he had to this to say i will be honest, i haven't heard anything officially from major league baseball. i plan to sit down and cooperate with them and i want to get this done before the season starts. when georgetown lost, for south florida, it was the big east win. the hoyas, it got their attention and they haven't lost since. they going for the eighth straight against due paul, the longest big east winning streak in six years. the last w came on friday.
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georgetown needs to be careful about letting this become a trapped game and they have two conference wins. >> and in this conference, you know, you have -- and this conference. you have to focus on tomorrow and on the next game. >> and we played tough wins and can you get the identity of it being too good or anything like that and this group, you know, we have a lot of mentally tough guys. >> right. >> and guys that are focused on the task at hand. as long as we keep pushing along, we'll be all right. >> and golf is now a winter sport. the first round outside of tucson, arizona, the players bundled up with the temps in the 40s and at 11:00 a.m., blind snow blanketed the course and no match was able to finish
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and one getting through 15 holes. look at the time lapse of the video and that is it. i don't know how they're going to play it tomorrow and they will try to continue. all the georgia's earned action in georgetown, george washington and they visit hofstra. >> and to shawn yancy for a look at what is coming up at 10. >> tonight at 10, prescription addiction. we're investigating a growing epidemic among america's youth. 12- and 13-year-old kids swapping pharmaceuticals. a recovering addict tells us how calm this is and what is being done to prevent it coming up. and also at 11. people on the outside looking in may not know it, but over the last 10 years, there has been a huge boom in d.c. restaurant scene and now, some of the world's most famous chefs say this is a place to be. >> that's right. >> stick around, the stories and much more tonight at 10.
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brian. >> thanks. one last look at the forecast. >> thank you. still stays chilly tomorrow. not as windy as today, but it's going to be breezy, okay. the temperature will be 41 and that is going to feel like it's in the 30s all day long and we're still talking a wintery mix around here on friday, brian. cold rain for saturday. >> all right, gary. thanks. now you have the news edge. the news is always on we're back here at 10. the news edge. hope you will be, too. tmz is next. z is nt.  [ [ wind howling ]
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